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I am attracted to ideas/approaches/methodologies, rather than personalities or products. If a particular person/organisation/group seems to me to embody a useful idea/approach/methodology, or a particular product seems to me to embody a useful idea/approach/methodology, then I will associate myself with a particular person/organisation/group and/or purchase a particular product. My choices of who I associate myself with, and to what degree I associate myself with them, and my choices as to what products to use, are solely my decisions, and are subject to change at any moment. I am not attached to any particular idea/approach/methodology/person/organisation/group/product beyond the utility he/she/it may provide.


This guy has got it ALL worked out

including a diagram with quadrants :-)



IntegralDiagrams.info is live

After several months of inching along teaching myself the Python programming language, the Django web application framework, regular expressions, CSS, and various other geekery I can announce here that a major upgrade to Integral Diagrams is now live.

Share and enjoy:


My goal with IntegralDiagrams.info was to build a customised web interface to the Integral Diagrams (ID) project without any of the clutter that is on the default Flickr web interface. As this recent thread on reddit would attest, I'm not the only one who thinks Flickr's interface could be improved. I also wanted to visually organise ID around the Flickr collection & set structure that I use, so in that sense I'm using Flickr (via the Flickr API) as a database in Django, rather than MySQL or whatever. The information visualization site VisualComplexity.com was also an inspiration for how to structure IntegralDiagrams.info .

Over time I will make improvements to the site (descriptions are a bit messy at the moment - the Flickr API strips <br> tags from photo descriptions for some reason). I would also like to integrate Cooliris at some point. More importantly I have a huge backlog of new diagrams to add which I will get to eventually now that I am over this hump.

If anyone has any feedback for IntegralDiagrams.info, please leave a comment on this blog post rather than reply to an e-mail you may have received or any discussion forum you may have come from. Thanks.


the map is not the territory

Data visualization should portray this "life" in data that it represents. This calls for visualization that goes beyond standard graphs, that seem to capture the factual part of the data and disregard all else a lot of the time. The numeric value of a data point is only part of the story. Don't forget the who, what, when, where and why.

Source: FlowingData - One Death is a Tragedy; a Million is a Statistic

Comparison of Wilber’s 4 Quadrants with Kho’s 4 Questions

Sex and the AQAL Model


ID downloads for Mac OS X & Windows

I just discovered the spiffy Mac OS X Flickr utility Photo Grabbr, which is great for downloading any or all IDs (or anything else on Flickr) by set. After downloading & installing Photo Grabbr do the following steps to download any ID set(s):

1. Change the preference Download the Original size of the photo
2. Type slark next to Look up Username
3. Click Search
4. Click the checkbox next to the set(s) you want (choose Integral Diagrams at the top for all of them)
5. Click Download

Photo Grabbr seemed to stall every so often when I downloaded all 721 diagrams that are on ID as of today, but every time it continued after a short delay.

Downloadr seems to be the main Flickr downloading utility for Windows. Flickr Downloader for Windows might be okay as well, I would appreciate feedback on these Windows utilities.


A Manifesto for the Next Industrial Revolution comment

Cross-posted here:

Linked from the Manifesto for the Next Industrial Revolution:

Organize the world's values/morality
Organize the world’s truth

The integral approach is an attempt to organise values/morality, truth, and much more besides. I have collated over 700 hundred diagrams from over 50 sources that use the integral approach in an ongoing project called Integral Diagrams, which cover the following realms of human endeavor and inquiry:

conspiracy theory
health care
ILP (integral life practice)
international development
open space
social work
software development
TSK (time space knowledge)

I have blogged about my vision for Integral Diagrams here and here.


giving people better maps

Another part of it is this - adapting to a radically changed world is going to involve people finding a way of understanding that world. Taking away people’s maps of the world means giving them new ones.

Source: Casaubon’s Book - Sharon Astyk’s Ruminations on an Ambiguous Future

I hope to be, in my role of maintainer of ID and involved in what will be based on ID in the future, a part of making new and better maps for all of humanity. I am particularly inspired by the following presentations at TED:

TED - Hans Rosling - Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen
TED - Hans Rosling - New insights on poverty and life around the world
TED - Blaise Aguera y Arcas - Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo
TED - Johnny Lee - Creating tech marvels out of a $40 Wii Remote

I would like to use something like these tools to help implement an AQAL Gapminder, or an AQAL Seadragon, or an AQAL Photosynth powered by Seadragon. My vision is to use hacked haptic devices such as the Wiimote and the iPhone/iPod Touch with these AQAL tools to implement naviagation tools. These are tools to help people and collectives navigate through the journey of their lives, navigate through the journey of the Kosmos, and navigate through every holon in between.



Originally uploaded by Doug Jennings
The guy who did this just added a couple of the diagrams on ID to his favourites (this one and this one FWIW). I returned in kind.


The Evolution of Consciousness & The Pattern That Connects videos

These two videos have integral diagrams in them:

The Evolution of Consciousness (5 min)

The Pattern That Connects (10 min)

Source: Sexy Models - Videos! by Photizo

See also: Light - Holons to AQAL to Spiral Dynamics to Kosmic Consciousness


Pity they haven't put the big diagram online :(

Source: Similar Diversity by Andreas Koller and Philipp Steinweber


ID Flickr photos now appearing here

I have changed my FeedBurner settings so that photos that I upload to Flickr that are tagged "integral", that is new integral diagrams, will appear in the RSS feed for this blog.


Integral Diagrams collections

There are now two collections of ID sets:

ID sets sorted alphabetically by author
ID sets sorted alphabetically by subject

These collections are all accessible from here. I'm particularly excited to have the sort by subject, as this collection hints at the breadth of subject matter that people worldwide are covering using integral theory in general and AQAL in particular.



The united colours of ID

I added some diagrams tonight that are in German, this makes diagrams in three languages other than English, with these also in German, these ones linked from the set page are in Spanish (I think) and this one has an Italian version.


I can't help myself...

This one works well because of the contrast in the original image.

Generated by Image Mosaic Generator

first 30 integral diagrams mosaicked

Generated by Image Mosaic Generator


Ken's back!

Welcome back to the blogosphere Ken, looking forward to some groovy diagrams in the new books :-P .


burn all GIFs yeah!

For all you graphics file format nerds out there I have replaced all the diagrams on ID that were GIFs with non-alpha channel PNGs, this is because GIF has (or at least had) pathological interiors and PNG is technically superior (i.e. has healthy exteriors).


I hope so...

"2007 may be the year that rich web apps using vector graphics (VML/SVG)+AJAX make an impact"

make up your minds...

"Flickr is for photos"

So then why does Flickr support GIF and PNG file types (which are specifically not designed for photos)?


In the future I would like to migrate ID from Flickr to a visual Wiki site that uses SVG to do the diagrams in such a way as machine-readable metadata can be added to the diagrams so that, for example, looking at a diagram that has LL blue information (using SD colours) can link to other diagrams with LL blue info, or can switch to LL amber (using the spectrum colours). Just vague ideas at this stage, does anybody have any comments to make? Something like CogMap using mxGraph is what I'm thinking of with some sites I've discovered, again, any comments?

Update: Gliffy is a much more powerful tool than mxGraph.

Where does he get them?

Tonight I finished trawling through all the essays on Integral World to see which ones had diagrams to add to ID, that was a tedious job but I'm glad it's finished. Other sources of diagrams are the usual suspects like formlessmountain (currently undergoing a site renovation) and wilber.shambhala.com, other sites I discovered via a trawl with Google & Yahoo Image Searches with the 'integral' and 'AQAL' keywords. I happen to have a good visual memory so I can notice when a new diagram comes up. I've discovered some good integral sites that way.


This is a blog for the Integral Diagrams (ID) project which I maintain. ID is a collection or collation of conceptual diagrams that pertain to integral theory. These diagrams have been created by people all over the web in order to explain the ideas of the AQAL & underlying holonic frameworks in theory and practice, in as well as other non-AQAL integral frameworks. In this blog I am sharing my insights as to how ID came to be, updates as to where it is at the moment, and ideas as to how ID will develop in the future.