This is a blog for the Integral Diagrams (ID) project which I maintain. ID is a collection or collation of conceptual diagrams that pertain to integral theory. These diagrams have been created by people all over the web in order to explain the ideas of the AQAL & underlying holonic frameworks in theory and practice, in as well as other non-AQAL integral frameworks. In this blog I am sharing my insights as to how ID came to be, updates as to where it is at the moment, and ideas as to how ID will develop in the future.


Eric Blue said...


I'm a big fan of both information visualization and integral philosophy. Thanks for putting together such a great collection of diagrams!

slark said...

Thanks! You may be interested in the information aesthetics blog.

Anonymous said...

Zaadz has bookmarked this site, so I visited. You do beautiful work, thank you! I've already printed some out. Love the Super-KW cartoon! So cute!


slark said...

Thanks Whitewave, I appreciate your comments.