ID downloads for Mac OS X & Windows

I just discovered the spiffy Mac OS X Flickr utility Photo Grabbr, which is great for downloading any or all IDs (or anything else on Flickr) by set. After downloading & installing Photo Grabbr do the following steps to download any ID set(s):

1. Change the preference Download the Original size of the photo
2. Type slark next to Look up Username
3. Click Search
4. Click the checkbox next to the set(s) you want (choose Integral Diagrams at the top for all of them)
5. Click Download

Photo Grabbr seemed to stall every so often when I downloaded all 721 diagrams that are on ID as of today, but every time it continued after a short delay.

Downloadr seems to be the main Flickr downloading utility for Windows. Flickr Downloader for Windows might be okay as well, I would appreciate feedback on these Windows utilities.

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