IntegralDiagrams.info is live

After several months of inching along teaching myself the Python programming language, the Django web application framework, regular expressions, CSS, and various other geekery I can announce here that a major upgrade to Integral Diagrams is now live.

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My goal with IntegralDiagrams.info was to build a customised web interface to the Integral Diagrams (ID) project without any of the clutter that is on the default Flickr web interface. As this recent thread on reddit would attest, I'm not the only one who thinks Flickr's interface could be improved. I also wanted to visually organise ID around the Flickr collection & set structure that I use, so in that sense I'm using Flickr (via the Flickr API) as a database in Django, rather than MySQL or whatever. The information visualization site VisualComplexity.com was also an inspiration for how to structure IntegralDiagrams.info .

Over time I will make improvements to the site (descriptions are a bit messy at the moment - the Flickr API strips <br> tags from photo descriptions for some reason). I would also like to integrate Cooliris at some point. More importantly I have a huge backlog of new diagrams to add which I will get to eventually now that I am over this hump.

If anyone has any feedback for IntegralDiagrams.info, please leave a comment on this blog post rather than reply to an e-mail you may have received or any discussion forum you may have come from. Thanks.


Simon said...

Great work, Stephen!

Simon Mundy

David Sunfellow said...

Stephen, thanks for all the work you've put into this. Very helpful! I'll help spread the word...

Vivian Baruch said...

Good on you Stephen, I'm most impressed with thr detail of the work you've put into this and your generous spirit of sharing it.

Vivian Baruch.

Jens Petersen said...

Great project - thanks Stephen!


Kent Bye said...

Looks great!

Hopefully you didn't get trapped by too much Yak Shaving